Thank you for your interest in acquiring an Akita from our kennel. Here at Shinsei Nawashi kennel we strive to match each family with the right puppy, which is why we need to know more about you and your family in order to see if an Akita is right for you and if you can offer the required conditions for one of our beloved puppies.


All information you provide is confidential. By filling in this questionnaire you are in no way obliged to acquire an Akita from our kennel, or are we obliged to offer you one. We simply want to know more about you and your family in order to see if we can offer you an Akita to suit your environment and goals.
Next steps:
Based on your answers, if you fulfill all required living conditions and accept our recommendations regarding the Akita that we consider to be best suited for you and your family, we will place you on a waiting list for our next litter.
Once the pregnancy is confirmed you have 6 weeks to decide whether you want a puppy from that specific litter or you wish to wait for another litter. Once you decide to accept a puppy from the current litter you are expected to pay a deposit worth 300 euros as Puppy reservation on the basis of a contract between our kennel and you.

Please answer the following questions as completely and honestly as possible:

Your name

Your age

Your email address

How did you hear about our kennel?

Have you previously owned dogs? What breeds?

What happened to the dogs if they are no longer living with you/alive?

Are dogs and other pets currently living with you? Please tell us more about them (age, sex, breed).

Have you ever attended or are willing to attend obedience class with your Akita? What training methods you know and intend to use to train your Akita?

Are you familiar with the Akita traits, history? Are you familiar with the Akita standards?

Do you want to acquire a male or female Akita?

Are you planning to acquire an Akita for: pet/companion, watchdog, breeding/showing (please select one).

If you don’t want to acquire an Akita for showing and breeding, do you intend to spay/neuter your Akita?

Are you interested in a particular colour?

Are you interested in a long-coat Akita?

Do you live in a house or appartment? How many adults are there living in your home? Do they all approve of you bringing home an Akita? Do you have children (if yes, what age)?

Where will the dog stay while you are home?

Where will the dog stay during the day while you are working?

How many hours per day do you expect the puppy to remain alone at home?

How many hours per day could you spend walking/training/working with your Akita?

Is there anything else you want us to know?