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Shinsei Nawashi Akita Kennel is a small family kennel situated near Bucharest, Romania. We strive to breed top quality Akitas from the best European and Japanese lines. All our dogs are tested for Hip and Elbow displasia as well as eye diseases and are of sound temperament. We try to raise our Akitas as naturally as possible, RAW feeding them and providing them with natural clean water from our well.

We believe in genetic diversity and will not inbreed. We screen prospective owners rigorously to ensure our puppies go to best possible homes and we will always be available for questions or advice. If you are not comfortable answering questions about the living conditions of your future Akita please do not enquire about a puppy.

All puppies leaving Shinsei Nawashi Akita kennel will remain part of our extended family and will always be welcome here if for some reason the owner has to give up the dog. All puppies are sold on the basis of a Contract agreement between us and the puppy’s owner.

Together with our dear friend, Irina Siminenco, who gave us the Akita „bug”, we hope to promote this beautiful breed in Romania and in Central-Eastern Europe and try to reach a new standard of quality of the Akita breed in our region.

Nelu & Ana Florea

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